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The EducateNKY Board launched in March 2023, and we are focused on the region encompassing Boone, Kenton and Campbell counties. EducateNKY is a “learning organization” – seeking to learn before acting. We are looking to build collaboration that will lead to public/private partnerships. These partnerships will lead to more innovation, expanded grant opportunities, expanded business engagement, and more meaningful collaborations with public schools, private schools, and community agencies to expand educational opportunities and services to students and their families. This will be done in a variety of ways without replicating the good work already occurring in our region.

To best understand this complex matter, the Board contracted with a national firm to complete a thorough Landscape Assessment throughout the fall/winter of 2023/24. This comprehensive analysis included a “deep dive” of existing data, interviews with 200+ stakeholders and development of key trends and findings. This report has been shared with our Advisory Council – and now Work Team members. Watch video presentation here. Work Teams include leaders and advocates from educational institutions, community nonprofits, government institutions, community organizations, and the business community who are now meeting to address priority needs identified and opportunities for potential solutions. This work will support the development of an EducateNKY Strategic Plan by summer 2024.

As a result of the Landscape Assessment, EducateNKY will serve as a catalyst within three areas:

  • As an Incubator

    Helping to bring new, researched-based ideas to life.

  • As an Accelerator

    Assisting existing organizations expand their impact.

  • As an Activator

    Collaboratively creating opportunities for public/private partnerships in business/education engagement, legislative initiatives, and/or in school-based settings.

We will be an action-oriented, research-based organization. We will not be competing with other nonprofits to run programs in our region. However, we will use resources to ignite new and existing local, statewide, national, or international ideas/programs that will make positive impacts in education and in respective communities. The results from the focus for this first year of our work will not only help serve the initial targeted areas, but we will also provide opportunities for innovation and collaboration for the entire region.

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Who We Are
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